14 December 2017
Our Experience

The consultants at Budge PR have amassed decades of experience, working on major projects for high profile clients. The following examples demonstrate the breadth and depth of our experience.

Managing Sensitive Issues
When it comes to the management of sensitive issues, our consultants offer an exceptional track record, including work on major planning and infrastructure projects, corporate re-structuring, rationalisations and consolidations.
Managing the Promotion of Renewables
Budge PR is one of the UK’s most experienced consultancies in the renewables sector, with experience in the wind, wave, tidal, biomass and solar industries. Click for more.
Managing the Profile on Major Financial Deals
The consultants at Budge PR have extensive experience in the world of corporate finance, extending across the UK including mergers, acquisitions, hostile takeovers, privatisation, flotations, investor relations and capital raising projects.
Managing the Promotion of Economic Development
In the economic development sector, Budge PR’s experience is unparalleled. The £5-6 billion regeneration of Clyde Waterfront and Glasgow’s International Financial Services District are two recent examples.
Managing Communication, From One Business to Another
B2B PR is another area where Budge PR excels. In this area, our recent experience encompasses work for Clark Contracts, the leading building and construction company and property consultants Lambert Smith Hampton.
Managing Events
Managing major events is another area of expertise at Budge PR. For example, we were responsible for organising Next Steps, a two day UK wide conference in Edinburgh for over 350 healthcare professionals involved in the treatment and care of falls, fragility fractures and osteoporosis.