25 August 2019
A Successful Track Record in Renewable Energy

Budge PR offers specialist, award winning expertise in the renewables sector.

Scottish RenewablesBudge PR's understanding of the renewables industry is based on almost twenty years experience working in wind, both onshore and offshore, wave, tidal, solar, hydro, biomass and airborne. Further details are provided below.

What We Do

Since 1998, Budge PR has delivered an extensive range of services across the renewables sector including:

  • Research and analysis of local issues and design of overall communications strategies.
  • Media relations, at local, national and international levels.
  • Design and implementation of wide ranging consultation programmes.
  • Organising and promoting public displays.
  • Content creation and project management of all forms of information materials.
  • Liaison with local opinion formers, setting up and attending face-to-face briefings as appropriate.
  • Running an information office to handle requests for information from local community etc.
  • Represent developers in taking forward various community benefit projects including local employment programmes, energy efficiency schemes for local householders and tourism development.
  • Working to establish local support groups for projects.
  • Organising teams to canvass opinions and supply information.
  • Organise site visits to operational facilities.
  • Supporting fundraising rounds including commercialisation of new technologies.
  • Product and company launches.
Who We've Worked For

Listed below is a selection of current and recent clients in the renewables sector.

Kite Power Systems
This Scotland-based company is developing kite power generation technology and is the only company in the UK active in the high-altitude wind power sector.
An innovative Scottish engineering company focused on the development of a tidal energy turbine technology featuring a step-change reduction in the cost of energy from tidal currents.
Renewable energy company focused on the development of solar and on-shore wind projects.
Spanish based developer of real time, web based project management software to develop and monitor offshore wind activities.
ABO Wind
One of Europe’s most experienced developers of wind energy projects.
DONG Energy
One of the world's leading offshore wind developers
Verdo Renewables
Danish company with plants in Grangemouth and Andover producing wood pellets for the biomass industry.
Fred Olsen Renewables
Leading European renewable energy developer
Marine Current Turbines
Supporting London based Taylor Keogh on a number of PR initiatives for this tidal energy developer.
Klaret Energy
Renewable energy developer with interests in the Hydro sector.
Independent Scottish renewable energy developer involved in onshore wind and hydro projects.
Natural Power Consultants
A wind farm developer on several sites across the UK.
Atmos Consulting
One of Britain's leading consultants in Renewable Energy.
Renewable Energy Systems
One of the world’s leading wind energy companies.
E.ON UK Renewables
A leading developer of renewable energy projects across the UK.
AWS Ocean Energy
Work alongside Taylor Keogh Communications for this wave energy developer based in Inverness.