16 July 2019

In Their Own Words

Categories: International Financial Services District Glasgow | Published: 05/05/2015 | Views: 1802
Four new videos bring to life the many reasons why the IFSD and Glasgow is such a great business location. Viewers can watch and listen to senior executives, industry experts, professional organisations, trade bodies and employees of all ages and levels, telling their stories about living and working in this great European city.

Featured on the IFSD TV channel on the IFSD web site, the four brand new video clips capture Glasgow's key assets; its skilled workforce, its great infrastructure, its quality of life and the growing range of career opportunities in financial and business services for young people.

Check them out now;

•'Why Glasgow' - the reasons that make the city a great business location at http://www.ifsdglasgow.co.uk/news/ifsd-tv/in-their-own-words/why-glasgow-is-a-great-business-location

•'Glasgow Life' - why it's a great place in which to live, work and play at http://www.ifsdglasgow.co.uk/news/ifsd-tv/in-their-own-words/glasgow,-a-great-city-in-which-to-live-work-and-play-

•'People make Glasgow' - the title speaks for itself at http://www.ifsdglasgow.co.uk/news/ifsd-tv/in-their-own-words/why-people-make-glasgow

•Young IFSD workers talk about career opportunities at http://www.ifsdglasgow.co.uk/news/ifsd-tv/in-their-own-words/young-ifsd-workers-talk-about-career-opportunities

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