25 August 2019

New Proposals for a Wind Farm at Barrel Law, Near Roberton

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New proposals for a seven turbine wind farm on grazing land near Barrel Law, approximately 7km south west of Ashkirk, 3.5km north-west of Roberton and 9km west of Hawick, are being developed by ABO Wind UK.

Initial design proposals for the wind farm will be displayed at a public exhibition in Roberton on Thursday 23rd March 2017.

Located approximately 2km south of the operational Langhope Rig Wind Farm, on the lands of Todrig Farm and Whitslade Farms, the developers believe the Barrel Law site is suitable for a wind farm, due to its high wind speeds and few environmental sensitivities.

The proposed development is different to that submitted by ABO Wind to Scottish Borders Council in 2012 and aims to address the reasons for refusal at that time. Key differences include reducing the number of turbines from eight to seven and moving the turbine cluster further north towards Langhope Rig Wind Farm, further from the Ale Water and the Ashkirk to Roberton Road.

Explaining the rationale behind the new proposal, Clark Crosbie, Head of Development for ABO Wind UK said, “The site is located in an area identified as having the Highest Capacity for wind turbines in the Borders Council’s draft renewable energy supplementary guidance, and it is also located well outside the area being discussed for a proposed Borders National Park. In addition, the site has good wind resource, a readily available electricity grid connection, proven turbine delivery route and is relatively isolated, with 15 homes within 3km of the proposed wind turbines”.

ABO Wind has so far commissioned various technical and environmental studies to evaluate potential environmental impacts of the proposal and to help inform the detailed design of the wind farm.

To display its initial wind farm design, gain feedback and answer questions on the proposal, the company is holding a public exhibition on Thursday 23rd March 2017 at the Forman Memorial Hall, Roberton, TD9 7LX between 1pm - 8pm.

Mr. Crosbie added, “We do hope there will be a good turnout for this exhibition. We are very keen to get as much feedback as we can on this new design.”

A Proposal of Application Notice and request for a formal Scoping Opinion will shortly be submitted to Scottish Borders Council. It’s anticipated that, following the public exhibition of the preliminary design and a further period of detailed design and environmental impact assessment, a formal planning application could be submitted for consideration by Scottish Borders Council this summer.

More information about the Barrel Law Wind Farm proposal is available at www.barrellawwindfarm.com
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