16 July 2019

New Video Features Insurance Professionals

Categories: International Financial Services District Glasgow | Published: 27/03/2017 | Views: 1224
Article from www.ifsdglasgow.co.uk
The latest video from IFSD Glasgow features young insurance professionals on why Glasgow is a great location to develop their careers and a great city to live.

The new two minute video, produced with the support of the Insurance and Actuarial Society of Glasgow (IASG) and the Personal Finance Society, has already attracted hundreds of view on social media channels.

Also featured in the video is IASG president Liz Dalton who underlines the abundance of talented professionals working in the city's insurance sector and Patrick Ring from Glasgow Caledonian University, who stresses the strong links between the city's universities and colleges and the insurance industry that continue to develop the pipeline of talent entering the industry.

To view the new video and a wide range of other videos promoting Glasgow as a world class location for financial and business services, visit IFSD TV.

View the Video here http://www.ifsdglasgow.co.uk/news/ifsd-tv/young-insurance-professionals

Visit IFSD TV here http://www.ifsdglasgow.co.uk/news/ifsd-tv
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