16 July 2019

Glasgow – a leading UK Tech Hub

Categories: International Financial Services District Glasgow | Published: 28/09/2017 | Views: 894
Article from www.ifsdglasgow.co.uk
Glasgow's growth to become 'one of the UK's most successful tech hubs' is the subject of a new feature article published by the influential tech web site Techworld.

The article refers to the city's 'burgeoning start up scene, its new Tontine business incubator, programming schools and its three well-regarded universities.'

During a fact finding visit to Glasgow earlier this year, Techworld's editor Charlotte Jee visited some of the city's most prominent fintech operations including Barclays and SAS. She also met a number of Glasgow's fast growing tech developers including Encompass Corporation, Castlight Financial and Swipii. And she visited FDM Group's training centre and the CodeClan digital skills academy at the Tontine.

Read the full article at https://www.techworld.com/tech-innovation/secret-glasgows-growing-success-as-tech-hub-3664164/

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