16 July 2019

New video features tech professionals

Categories: International Financial Services District Glasgow | Published: 11/12/2017 | Views: 834
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Young tech professionals working in Glasgow’s fintech sector feature in a new video promoting the city as a great city in which to live and work.

Part of Scotland's 73,000 strong digital workforce, these Glasgow based tech professionals come from across the world, including the Netherlands, Ukraine, Hungary, Bulgaria, Egypt, India, Australia, the rest of the UK and, of course, Scotland.

In the video, they talk about their experiences of working in Glasgow's tech community and how the city shapes up as a place to live.

Subjects covered include Glasgow's booming tech scene, how friendly, multicultural and affordable they find the city, the work life balance and quality of life , easy commuting and proximity to the great outdoors, as well as being 'awesome' for a night out.

The video was produced with the very welcome participation and support of Autorek, Barclays, Castlight Financial, CodeClan, FDM Group, J.P. Morgan, Morgan Stanley and Scoop Analytics.

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